Black Salve Testimonials

"Dear Laura
WOW! I must say I was skeptical when you told me about the Black Salve but the proof certainly is in the pudding! My husband has removed 6 skin cancers now, all quickly and cleanly using it. It is amazing how natural the process appears, and the scars left behind are much smaller and cleaner than if he had them surgically removed.
I tell everyone about it and think it is nothing short of a miracle. I only wish I knew about it before my mum and dad died of cancer."  Vanese M - Melbourne, VIC

" I have been using the black salve. I had 4 suspected spots so I applied it to 3 with no reaction and on the 4th one there was a reaction. The lump went red and by the 3rd day the redness had moved down one side...totalling around 4 cms. After a few more days a hole developed and I cleaned it out each day with the hydrogen peroxide. I kept it covered the whole time. It has been about 2 weeks now and it is still a bit red but uncovered and looks like a mossie bite. It should be OK in another week or so. After it has fully recovered I think I will put some more black salve on just to check. It was only a little warty looking spot in the first place.
              I told my daughter about it too. She is a 4th year medical student and at first was very suspicious of the black salve. When she saw what happened with mine, she first asked to have a look at the pamphlet and then asked me to apply it to 2 of her dark looking freckles. Nothing happened to hers thank goodness, but at least now she is familiar with the product." J. W. - Forster, NSW

"Hi Laura,
I have used the Black Salve, I used it on a small sun cancer on my chest, after the initial 24 hours it had formed a small pussy eruption, I cleaned it and just let it do its thing, it scabbed over and dropped off after about a week.  I was very happy with the results and have recommended it to other people.  Thanks again." Shirley Finley - Kingscliff, NSW

Hello Laura

I was told by a specialist to have my BBC's on my face and on my arm surgically removed. A friend told me about Black Salve - 3 weeks later, after only using the miracle cream "for animals", they were gone!!!
I strongly recommend Black Salve - forget the scalpel. It works.
Josef(Sepp) Erharter, Noosa , Qld.